Beat the Heat!

Do | July 06, 2018

Beat the Heat!

by Carrieann Gillert

Summer is here! Being based in Tampa we are used to running in the heat and humidity. Wherever you live it’s probably going to be hot this summer. Here are some tips to help keep you running outdoors all summer long.

Stay hydrated
Make sure that you’re drinking enough fluids. Try to drink at least sixteen ounces of water or sports drinks before your run and every hour so your perspiration systems are well maintained. For longer runs consider bringing fluids with you in a water belt or pouch or stash a few bottles along your route. Remember to take sips versus gulps.

Run when the conditions are coolest
Take advantage of long summer days by running when the heat is lowest. Ideally in the early morning or evening. Running after a rain shower often provides a cooler run with less humidity. If you are running in daylight don’t forget the sunscreen.

Plan your route
Locate a route that offers shade such as tree-lined streets or parks. If you live near trails take advantage of the canopy-cover that offers coverage from the sun. Running near rivers, lakes and oceans usually creates slightly cooler and breezier conditions. Also remember that asphalt retains heat and radiates it back upward.

Give your body time to get used to running in warmer weather. Your times may be slower, and longer distances may be harder to reach, but this will temporary. Get used to the heat and then work on your pace and distance.

Dress appropriately 
Keep cool and comfortable by making sure that you’re wearing lightweight, light colored and loose fitting activewear. Sweat wicking synthetic fabrics will perform much better than cotton. Our Women's Infinity Technical Tee and Men’s Elevate Technical Tee are specifically designed to wick away moisture while being breathable.

As always don’t forget to stretch just as you would during cold weather.

Sunny, hot days doesn’t mean you have to stay inside and hide!