Introducing Argentum®

Make | May 20, 2018

Introducing Argentum®

by Carl Gillert

We developed our Argentum® fabric to bring odor control and antimicrobial protection to the next level. We utilize a new yarn that incorporates pure, natural and recycled EPA registered silver salts. Microscopic particles of silver are embedded within the core of the yarn's fibers rather than coating them on or weaving them in. When sweat comes in contact with the bacteria on our skin it produces unpleasant smells. The silver salts embedded in Argentum® kill up to 99.99% of those odor causing bacteria. Unlike other brands which use a silver treatment our embedded silver salts will never wear off or wash out - and no special laundering is needed!

Independent lab results have shown that our Argentum® fabric performs better than the competition at killing bacteria and controlling odor.

Argentum® fabric is a jersey mesh that has a luxe feel and the perfect amount of stretch for most activities. It is currently available in our Women's Infinity Technical Tee, Aeris Tank and Men's Elevate Technical Tee. This innovative fabric is only available at Vast Terrain.