Full Transparency

Make | May 21, 2018

Full Transparency

by Carl Gillert

At Vast Terrain we believe in taking a different approach to premium activewear. We use only the best proprietary fabrics, make our products wholly in the USA, and then offer them to you without the retail markup.

We believe that our customers should know the true cost of what it takes to make our activewear. On each of our product pages we reveal the true cost behind all aspects of our production, details of where our products are made, our pricing and what the minimum traditional retail price would be.

We utilize only the best American factories and technologies and spent years finding and building strong relationships with each of these partners. Utilizing domestic manufacturing has the advantage of having shorter lead times, customization and better quality than many imports. Our factory supply chain page provides the details of the people and places that make our products great.

Offering our activewear directly to you allows us to provide exceptional value and to invest more in our products and fabric technologies while still being able to keep our products Made in the USA. We believe this full transparency model is a better ethical approach to making and selling activewear.

Supply Chain Transparency