Where: Los Angeles, CA
Employees: 180
Established: 1989

The Knit Factory

This company was founded to be one of the most technologically advanced circular knitting mills in the world. Their vision emphasizes the research & development of activewear fabrics and making their products in the USA. This makes them the perfect partner to help us develop the proprietary technical fabrics found in many of our products. Their 250,000 square foot facility is a fully-automated vertically integrated textile factory just minutes from the L.A. fashion district.

How It’s Done

Knitting is one of the most versatile methods of producing a textile fabric. Most of our knitted pieces are made using a circular knitting process that creates a seamless tube of fabric. The fabric is constructed from a series of inter-locking mesh loops. Different technical yarns are combined during the circular knitting process to achieve the correct combination of stretch, durability and softness. Thorough performance testing is done after the fabrics are knitted, finished and dyed.