Where: Pawtucket, RI
Employees: 100
Established: 1917

The Trim Factory

The highest quality components are an important part to making truly premium activewear. For this we turned to a family owned factory just outside of Providence that has been making trims and notions for over 100 years. The company's founder believed that quality manufacturing was the key to success in their industry. This philosophy as well as the evolving and expanding of their business to meet the needs of their customers has allowed them to succeed despite foreign competition.

How It’s Done

This 120,000 square foot factory utilizes thousands of different pieces of machinery used for braiding, weaving, knitting and dyeing. This allows them to produce an endless assortment of trims and notions such as drawstrings, cords and elastics. A skilled workforce is required to perform many intricate tasks throughout the manufacturing process.