Where: Greensboro, NC
Employees: 500
Established: 1971

The Yarn Factory

It was important for us to develop and manufacture products wholly in the USA - from fiber to yarn to fabric. Quality fiber and yarn are the building blocks of great performance fabrics and this company has been manufacturing synthetic filament yarns in North Carolina for over 45 years. Their focus on innovation and the activewear market make them a great partner in helping us to develop our proprietary fabrics. Sustainability and reducing their environmental footprint is likewise a key company ideal.

How It’s Done

The company's founders focused on using cutting-edge manufacturing equipment to improve quality and efficiency and this can be seen in the factory today. Their manufacturing processes turn raw materials and fiber into synthetic filament yarns. Small polymer beads are melted and extruded through microscopic holes to form a single fiber filament. This continuous filament can then be drawn, heated or twisted to produce various physical characteristics. Air jet texturing likewise is important to produce yarns with unique characteristics such as air and moisture permeability. Filaments are combined into yarn by twisting them together.